Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Summer in The City

Weekend in summer usually makes one think of going away to seaside or even a warmer destination in order to complain more about the heat but at the same time taking the advantage of cool sea water. I also travel quite often during Summer (well, almost during any season) but this July, after my final trip to somewhere summery, I will cool down a bit and will work even harder as work is amongst the 3 most important things in life. (along with health and family) So, what have I worn during my weekends in the city and by city I don't necessarily mean my hometown Istanbul but also Singapore as I spent an important number of June days in there? And in Europe, nowhere gets more humid and hot than Singapore so if I wore those outfits there, it means you can wear them at anywhere .

My first tip is feeling light. It doesn't have to be showing a lot of skin but it means wearing light weight fabrics. It maybe a midi-dress but the fabric should be cotton-y or the fabric might be stiff but it should be short so that you don't feel it as much.

For shoes, I must say I cannot bear heels when it is hot. So I stick to my flat sandals and slides. Unless I go out for a chic dinner :)
 In terms of make-up, this Summer did not treat me well and due to some kind of illness about my eyes, most of the days were spent with no eye make-up on so far. This makes me quite sad considering how much I love doing makeup but also in places as humid as Singapore, sometimes all you can wear is a water-proof mascara and a matte lipstick. If your eyes are healthier than mine which I hope so, then I would suggest to go bold and play with pink and orange at the same time like Rihanna does in her Fenty makeup ads. I bought one of her duo highlighter/eyeshadow product and I am so in love with it. This summer your skin should glow and even if you didn't have the opportunity to have a summer tan yet, don't worry and play with your contour and highlighting products.

I was lucky to spend some days in Bali in June so I made a nice collection of straw and bamboo handbags by paying less than Usd 100 in total. So for me, bringing summer into the city is quite easy by accessories. This summer, those bags are being sold everywhere, even in high-street stores.

Another good part of being in the city during summer is that you may wear summer clothes and still layer them. Not all cities go more than 24 degrees C in summer so if you are based in a not-so-hot city, you can match your clothes with sneakers, espadrilles or do layering with summer sweaters, vests or blazers and spice up your look by scarves.
I usually like going for 1 piece looks especially if it is very warm or wear midi skirts or dresses in order to move more comfortably in the city but my sister has recently inspired me with her city looks of shirts and shorts made of soft fabrics. For me shorts have to be super short and going to a meeting with super mini shorts doesn't make me feel comfortable but now I am feeling closer to the idea of not-so-short shorts and will give a try. Skorts are also amazing as they have the chic skirt look but being actually shorts helps you move comfortably.

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