Tuesday, 10 April 2018

When you just want to fly away from the moment

Some days are tough, some are so so.. But some days, we just need something to lift our mood or we simply just want to lose ourselves in time. Here are my suggestions for such times.

1- Watch the movie "Holiday"
     ... instant joy filler to your heart

2- Read Little Prince
    ... oh my... this is definitely going to give pain as you will realize how tough life and relationships
    can get, but you will learn to grow in the meantime.

3- Eat Lychee
    ... which is my favorite food as it lifts my mood up in seconds.

4- Plan a trip to Lisbon
     .... which is a city of tasteful details, amazing views and delicious food with very cheap cost.

5- Wear a long dress with little flower prints on
     ... florals bring happiness

6- Put any kind of hair accessories on your head asap
     ... as they make you either look good or silly and both ways will help to smile.

7- Drink matcha latte
    ... it tastes like grass but a nice one :) when you make it at home, use just a pinch for a cup.
    more will make it taste bitter.

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