Thursday, 27 July 2017

Pancakes - no sugar no flour

I love cooking and I love eating, that's why, following a certain type of diet means a sad-very sad kind of life. Luckily, I like eating healthy stuff and that is probably the reason of being in shape even though I eat a lot. My processed sugar intake is almost zero in my normal routine (which means except holidays and heartbreaks lol) and I usually don't eat much of carbs. Salt is also at a minimum as I use a lot of natural spices/herbs while cooking which make your food delicious.
For breakfast, I usually cook my famous poached eggs on avocado toast but during summer, I want something fruity in the mornings. So either I eat plain yoghurt and chia seeds with cinnamon, cherry and strawberry or I cook my new recipe for pancakes. I had given up eating oats as many nutritionists kept talking about how difficult it was for humans to digest oat but then read another article which convinced me to have it once or twice a week. The ripe bananas in my fridge and the necessity to eat oats made me create this pancake recipe and it is very easy.

Instagram hikayelerimde yaz başından beri devamlı paylaştığım ve tarifini merak ettiğiniz unsuz şekersiz pankek tarifimle karşınızdayım :)

Monday, 10 July 2017

Ballerinas in Summer

Summer and hot climates are actually made for sandals; lace-up, one band or any other type of sandals where your feet are free, happy and hopefully good looking :) There is one little detail though. What if the hot climate you are in has a tendency of raining? In Europe, we don't have this problem so much since it is either sunny or rainy throughout the day. Except for Istanbul this summer, which offers big temperature fluctuations since the beginning of June. However, places like Singapore always has the possibility of rain, no matter how high the temperature is... 
Yaz ve sıcak havaların favori ayakkabısı tabii ki sandaletler. Bir tane nude yani en rengi sandaletiniz varsa, çok özel bir geceye gitmediğiniz sürece, sabah akşam ayakkabı değiştirmeden bütün yazınızı geçirebilirsiniz bile. Tek bir sorunla karşılaşmadığınız sürece... Yağmur. Avrupa'da genelde hava sabah nasıl başlıyorsa gün boyu öyle devam ediyor, bu seneki Haziran ayı İstanbul'unu saymazsak :) Oysa bazı ülkeler, örneğin Singapur, aşırı nemli ve sıcak havasına eşlik eden aniden bastıran yağmurlarıyla insana ne giyeceğini şaşırtacak cinsten. 
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