Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mastering Denim on Denim

 Denim became my favorite during my 20's. Yes, you read correctly. I was not a fan of denim during my teenage years. My grandmother, being a fashion designer, she was designing special looks for me and I was usually the only one with crepe shorts and blazer at birthday parties at high school years. I have always been perceived as the stylish or the chic one among other girls who were actually rocking their Levi's 501s. I had jeans obviously and I was rocking (kinda) them as well but in my own view, denim is a sexy element and without the attitude, nobody can do it well. When I think of my high school years, sexy was the furthest adjective to me since I was hanging out with guys in order to discuss football or was spending time at basketball practice as I used to play professionally at that time.
As a result, I am actually really very happy for having made peace with all kinds of denim at the right time :) and hopefully nailing it the way a self-confident, sexy woman should.

Celine sandals, Moda Tutkusu by Love my Body shirt, Tara Jarmon denim shorts

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