Thursday, 1 December 2011

L'wren Scott at Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Istanbul now carries L'wren Scott collection amongst many other designer brands and organized a party for this special news. L'wren Scott was also present at the event and it was a pleasure meeting her. I must say she is very tall and sweet. The collection was also very impressive. Here are the photos from yesterday evening.

L'wren Scott

Demet Sabancı - L'wren Scott

Harvey Nichols, L'wren Scott'in tasarımlarını Türkiye'deki modaseverler ile buluşturuyor. Bundan böyle bu güzel kolleksiyondan beğendiklerinizi Harvey Nichols'tan alabilirsiniz. Bu güzel haberi paylaşmak için dün akşam Kanyon mağazasında verdikleri davete tasarımcı L'wren Scott da katıldı. Hem davet hem de kolleksiyon harikaydi.


  1. She looks beautiful & tall :)


  2. amazing photos!
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  3. great pics! lovely blog
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    XO, Carmen

  4. The dresses look fabulous.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. Love your blog following you!!
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  6. I love her glittered dress. And she looks soo tall!
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