Monday, 18 April 2011

New bag & New pants

Wearing a piece of outfit for the first time makes people feel happier and more confident, that's why it is generally recommended to wear new suit or new shirt for candidates going to job interview. My problem about new stuff is that sometimes it takes ages to wear that new pieces. I bought those pants from New York in November 2010 and never wore before. Not that I don't like them, I actually do love them, but having many alternatives in the wardrobe and traveling all the time made me stick to some main items and make my combinations around them rather than taking out a new piece and playing with it. The Celine handbag however is my best friend since the moment I bought it. It was a tough process to find it in stores since it is a sold-out item due to its popularity but I was lucky to finally find it in their store on Ave. Montaigne last month. The bag is super comfortable to carry and goes well with everything.


  1. ah!! the celine handbag! you are so lucky! it's beautiful!

    january, x

  2. I'm planning to get that Celine for my girlfriend !!!


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